“Nobody is driven in to war by ignorance, and no one who thinks he will gain anything from it is deterred by fear.” (Hermocrates)
New AllianceNew PlayerActionTownPointsOld PlayerOld Alliance
Guardians of FortezzaBellarus999occupiedzegors stad 710.293
The Last KnightsYrroloccupiedBlack Town4.618
The Last KnightsHenrikchoccupiedS2 Skalman3.990
The Last KnightsnafpaktosoccupiedÖÖÖÖÖ 078.551
== Family of Misfits ==ursus maritimusoccupied=Gaztantiopel=10.874
Lemmy's Rulesalex il Bucaniereconquered53 Edit by Alex14.755bobbysThe Last Knights
Guardians of FortezzaDaveLaholmconquered015-09 Cretoss14.956wolf mann
The Last KnightsMpampalousoccupiedGolden Aces stad G67.227
Guardians of Fortezza1212121occupiedF5 - Last City15.536
Lemmy's Rulesalex il Bucaniereconquered52 Edit by Alex15.084bobbysThe Last Knights
Guardians of Fortezzature terrorconqueredsienna12.645bastards== Family of Misfits ==
The Last KnightsnafpaktosoccupiedÖÖÖÖÖ 139.541
Guardians of FortezzamadeinswedenconqueredBondebo 0114.211Axelhe
Guardians of Fortezzature terrorconqueredFrankebo 0114.307Axelhe
The Last KnightsHenrikchoccupiedD-45.135
The Last KnightsMagnus EricsonoccupiedEEEEE 0112.359
Lemmy's Rulesalex il Bucaniereoccupied51 Edit by Alex9.348
The Last KnightsexxetconqueredIl Duce12.992alex il BucaniereLemmy's Rules
The Last KnightsnafpaktosoccupiedÖÖÖÖÖ 1410.068
Lemmy's Rulesalex il Bucaniereconquered50 Edit by Alex14.784bobbysThe Last Knights
Guardians of FortezzamadeinswedenconqueredMariestad11.179nisse.hult== Family of Misfits ==
Guardians of Fortezzature terrorconqueredNostre 316.374DoriThe Last Knights
Guardians of FortezzaLegondraconquered3.04.Wolf Cave11.049WolfmanArmy of Wolfs
The Last KnightsnafpaktosoccupiedÖÖÖÖÖ 1910.785
Lemmy's Rulesalex il Bucaniereoccupied49 Edit by Alex15.202
Guardians of FortezzaLegondraconquered3.03.Wolf Mountain12.147WolfmanArmy of Wolfs
Guardians of FortezzaLegondraconquered3.02.Wolf Hill13.645WolfmanArmy of Wolfs
The Last KnightsSocrates88conqueredLaisvall12.667PemmeGuardians of Fortezza
Guardians of Fortezzamadeinswedentransfered011-1 Ebonhead13.152CessoGuardians of Fortezza
Guardians of Fortezzature terrorconqueredNostre 117.276DoriThe Last Knights
Guardians of FortezzasatterstaconqueredTraffic jam16.291wolf mann
Lemmy's Rulesalex il Bucaniereoccupied48 Edit by Alex12.842
Guardians of Fortezzature terrorconqueredValhal 115.740wolf mann
The Last KnightsexxetconqueredGällivare13.538Martin HelgessonAmbrosia
The Last KnightsHyperionzoccupiedBitter end.F6.043
Guardians of FortezzaLegondraoccupiedÖÖÖÖÖ 0210.210
Guardians of FortezzamadeinswedenconqueredNostre 217.276DoriThe Last Knights
The Last Knightskaxxa1occupied01.CCCCC 0214.367
Guardians of FortezzamadeinswedenconqueredNostre 416.781DoriThe Last Knights
The Last KnightsMpampalousoccupiedGolden Aces stad G38.059
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