GrepolisnoPiWorld Map
“In the moment of action remember the value of silence and order.” (Phormio of Athens)
PromakhosPromakhos PoliokhosPromakhosThe ImmortalsPromakhosThe ImmortalsTears of OmegaKing Cæsar UnitedThe ImmortalsPromakhosPromakhosImmortalsPromakhosX X X KingsEnsi ElitePromakhosEnsi EliteEnsi EliteEnsi ElitePromakhosPromakhosPromakhosPromakhosPromakhos PoliokhosPromakhosPromakhosThe ImmortalsImmortal CrusadersPromakhosPromakhosEnsi EliteX X X KingsImmortal CrusadersPromakhosPromakhos PoliokhosEnsi EliteImmortal CrusadersTears of 0megaTears of OmegaImmortal CrusadersDGV - ImmortalsImmortal CrusadersPromakhos PoliokhosDGV - ImmortalsTears of 0megaX X X KingsTears of OmegaTears of OmegaPromakhosTears of OmegaTears of OmegaPromakhos PoliokhosX X X KingsDGV - ImmortalsPromakhos PoliokhosKing Cæsar UnitedX X X KingsPromakhosPromakhos PoliokhosTears of 0megaThe OutsidersTears of OmegaPromakhos PoliokhosImmortal CrusadersGuerillaImmortalPromakhosPromakhos PoliokhosImmortalImmortalPromakhosPromakhosKing Cæsar UnitedPromakhos PoliokhosThe ImmortalsTears of OmegaTears of OmegaThe OutsidersTears of OmegaPromakhosTears of OmegaPromakhosTears of 0megaThe OutsidersPromakhosOrkanImmortalsImmortalTears of OmegaPromakhos PoliokhosX X X KingsThe KonstantinosGullTears of OmegaPromakhosPromakhosPromakhosTears of OmegaX X X KingsX X X KingsPromakhosX X X KingsTears of OmegaNight raidPromakhosPromakhosPromakhos PoliokhosPromakhos PoliokhosEnsi EliteX X X KingsEchoPromakhos PoliokhosPromakhosX X X KingsPromakhosThe ImmortalsPromakhos PoliokhosDGV - ImmortalsPromakhosPromakhosPromakhosPromakhos PoliokhosPromakhosTears of OmegaDGV - ImmortalsPromakhosSilkefot og GitarkameratX X X Kings IIImmortalsDGV - ImmortalsImmortalsOrkanX X X KingsEnsi ElitePromakhos PoliokhosPromakhos PoliokhosThe OutsidersKing Cæsar UnitedGullImmortalEnsi EliteX X X KingsKing Cæsar UnitedImmortal CrusadersX X X Kings IIImmortal CrusadersSimCity 2015The KonstantinosDGV - ImmortalsGuerillaEchoGullOrkanEchoOrkanX X X KingsPromakhosX X X KingsSimCity 2015PromakhosThe Kingdom of WorldsPromakhosX X X Kings IIIX X X KingsGullTears of 0megaX X X KingsDGV - ImmortalsThe ImmortalsImmortalSimCity 2015DGV - ImmortalsDGV - ImmortalsPromakhos PoliokhosGullX X X Kings IITears of 0megaImmortal CrusadersGuttaDGV - ImmortalsPromakhosEnsi ElitePromakhosDGV - ImmortalsImmortalX X X Kings IIThe OutsidersX X X KingsSilkefot og GitarkameratX X X Kings IIIDefenceThe KonstantinosDGV - ImmortalsImmortal CrusadersPromakhos PoliokhosX X X KingsX X X Kings IIEnsi EliteImmortalThe Kingdom of WorldsDefenceDGV - ImmortalsThe OutsidersX X X KingsGuttaDefenceOrkanKing Cæsar UnitedPromakhosX X X KingsGuerillaOstenNo One CaresThe OutsidersAssassinsGullX X X KingsX X X KingsKing Cæsar UnitedSimCity 2015GullPromakhosKing Cæsar UnitedThe OutsidersX X X KingsSosekoppLoominarteyPromakhosTears of 0megaPromakhosThe Chosen PeoplePromakhos PoliokhosX X X Kings IIIImmortalsEchoThe KonstantinosPromakhos PoliokhosPromakhos PoliokhosX X X KingsThe Kingdom of WorldsImmortal CrusadersWe are MarkusX X X KingsX X X KingsThe OutsidersGullThe KonstantinosX X X KingsImmortalsX X X KingsGrepolisThe OutsidersImmortalsX X X KingsPromakhos PoliokhosEnsi EliteSimCity 2015The OutsidersGullEnsi Elite IIPromakhos PoliokhosTears of 0megaPromakhos PoliokhosDGV - ImmortalsImmortal CrusadersDGV - ImmortalsAssassinsNo One CaresThe OutsidersGullThe OutsidersPromakhosPromakhosThe KonstantinosPromakhosGullEnsi EliteDGV - ImmortalsAssassinsImmortalsTears of 0megaX X X KingsTears of OmegaPromakhosThe OutsidersNo One CaresThe OutsidersPromakhos PoliokhosEnsi EliteThe Chosen PeopleThe OutsidersSosekoppGuttaTears of OmegaNo One CaresImmortalGuttaDGV - ImmortalsThe KonstantinosX X X Kings IIIGullImmortal CrusadersNo One CaresImmortal CrusadersX X X KingsImmortal CrusadersThe KonstantinosGrepolisGullgaiaThe Kingdom of WorldsOdinThe Kingdom of WorldsThe OutsidersTears of Omega50 sons of PriamusKing Cæsar UnitedThe OutsidersTears of 0megaThe OutsidersThe Kingdom of WorldsGullNo One CaresNight raidAssassinsThe Kingdom of Worlds IIGull50Promakhos32X X X Kings27Promakhos Poliokhos19Tears of Omega19The Outsiders18DGV - Immortals15Gull15Immortal Crusaders14Ensi Elite10Tears of 0mega9King Cæsar United9Immortal8Immortals8The Konstantinos7The Immortals6The Kingdom of Worlds6No One Cares5X X X Kings II5SimCity 20155Orkan4Echo4Assassins4X X X Kings III4Gutta3Guerilla3Defence2Grepolis2The Chosen People2Silkefot og Gitarkamerat2Sosekopp2Night raid1Loominartey1Osten1We are Markus1Ensi Elite II1gaia1Odin150 sons of Priamus1The Kingdom of Worlds II
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