“Who was the first that forged the deadly blade? Of rugged steel his savage soul was made.” (Tibullus)
New AllianceNew PlayerActionTownPointsOld PlayerOld Alliance
Les PiRaNHas MysteriaChildren of ZeusconqueredSaleillles665.016BRIGANDINENaxos Suprême
IXème LégionDaleje007occupiedDaleje 3608b10.309
IXème LégionDaleje007occupiedDaleje 3610b10.266
Les PiRaNHas Mysteriathe heroeconqueredBye bye-4313.716chtipichouImpitoyable
Les PiRaNHas MysteriaPatarcheroccupiedTolosa4.216
Les PiRaNHas MysteriaPatarcheroccupiedone piece6.324
IXème Légionjuju0719conquered56- Dernière City13.206lauteretLes PiRaNHas Mysteria
IXème Légiondrifteroccupied35 Rocher9.531
Les PiRaNHas MysteriaSolusar Kamconquered74 Taenga10.195Paparoales templiers S.P.Q.R
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